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Rare Cacao Beans Discovered In Peru

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It is so true to say discoveries can happen anytime --- while Dan Pearson was working in Northern Peru, his eyes met something strange and rare cacao beans in Peru were discovered. Dan was in the mountain Valley of Maranon River, when he saw the pods as big as football growing from tree trunks.

It was then found at the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture that these pods were one of the rarest cacao beans.

These beans are Nacional beans and till 20th century were only grown in Ecuador. The country was considered to be the largest producer of cacao then, but gradually the quality of cacao Grown in Ecuador declined. However, the discovery of rare cacao beans in Peru is the revival of the purest forms of cacao.

These cacao pods are filled with sweet, gluey, white color pulp surrounded by the seeds. Inside these seeds are the cacao beans. It was also very surprising that the rare cacao beans in Peru grew at the height of 3,500 feet; cacao rarely grows above 2,000 feet

These cacao beans of Peru are now being made into pure Nacional chocolates. The aroma of the chocolate made from rare cacao bean sin Peru is floral and taste is strong but not very bitter. Many chocolate companies are looking forward to make chocolates with these cacao beans.

It was also found that Peru has rare beans of Nacional variety may be because the color of these beans is white and not purple like the regular ones. These white beans are less bitter and have a mellow taste. The chocolates made from white beans are very costly.  Michelle Tampakis, the director the director of advanced pastry studies said that the chocolate when melted, taste smooth with full bodied nutty flavor. The rare cacao beans in Peru are actually the results of changes that happen when trees are not disturbed for several years.

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Rare Cacao Beans Discovered In Peru