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How To Celebrate National Bean Day

How to celebrate National Bean Day? I would be surprised if you did not get a clue from the title already. Yes, this post is going to be about one of the many food holidays that the USA has. With obesity being the biggest health concern in the USA, why can't we have some national exercise holidays? I mean, think about it. It would definitely make more sense that way. I think I will be blogging about that on a later date, but this post is going to be about the National Bean Day that falls on the 6th of January of every year. Why the 6th of January? Well, that is because, this was the day when Gregor Johan Mendel, the father of modern genetics passed away. I'm sure you would have studied about how he laid the ground rules of genetic inheritance by experimenting with the pea plants. And in case, if you haven't guessed, the pea is a bean.


The National Bean Day celebration wouldn't make any sense if we are not clear about what exactly is a bean. And no, jellybeans are not beans! Beans is a general term used to group together related plants such as soybeans, peas, lentils, garbanzos, lupins and vetches. The National Bean Day is by far one of the healthiest food holidays of USA. Most of the beans are a rich source of protein and a lot of vegetarians depend on the beans for it. So, how do we celebrate the National Bean Day? I can think of a few ideas and I'm giving it below.


  1. Plan and cook a full three course meal for your dear ones.

  2. Learn and teach a new recipe that involves the beans.

  3. Learn a little more about Mendel and what exactly he did with the peas.

  4. Plant a beanstalk in your backyard, if you have one that is.

  5. Visit your local horticulturist to take some lessons on cultivating beans.

  6. Spearhead a 'Eat the Bean' rally.

  7. Play 'Spill the beans' game.

  8. Adopt a puppie and name it Beanie Jean.

  9. Make and serve bean dishes at the local homeless shelter.

  10. Read 'Jack and Beanstalk' story to kids or anyone who is willing to listen.


Adios and have fun with your beans. Don't spill the beans, not on the National Bean Day though. Lol!


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How To Celebrate National Bean Day