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Why Are Local Farms Important For Us

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Why are local farms important for us in this era of global commerce and opening up of the global economy? Well, the answer is simple – health. Importance of local farms cannot be belittled or ignored any more. The future generations would be safer and healthier if they have the opportunity to consume food that is grown without the help of chemicals which can not be done if the food harvested has to travel thousands of kilometers for market.


Local farms form the basic units of organic farming. Most countries are looking the wrong way where industrialized agriculture and health care is concerned. Both of these are driven by profits currently. The consumers' health does not feature in the top priorities of the country and its government.


It is not always possible to grow your own food and their availability in supermarkets is limited. The best way to ensure that you get to eat good, clean food is to buy them from stands of local farms. You can also buy organic food from the Environmental Working Group website. Another step in the same direction would be to use fresh produce from local farms and make all your meals from scratch so that preservatives and additives can be avoided. If you want to buy processed food, check out the ingredients and buy those with the least additives. After all we are all what we eat and hence consuming simple food would definitely make us healthier.


Local farms are a source of fresh air, healthy living and good food. The stands of the local farms sell free range eggs, fresh butter, fresh fruits and vegetables. The importance of the farms are that, even if not completely organic, the produce from here would have been grown using fewer synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides as the produce doesn't have to travel too far for market. The farmers care for their health and for the food they grow alike. The local farms are definitely not solely driven by profits but also reap pleasure from growing their food and living in harmony with nature.


For example many local farms provide Littleton with its need of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, bread and eggs. These farms have been here for many years and continue to keep Littleton's population healthy.



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Why Are Local Farms Important For Us