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Is This Burger Really Worth $ 5,000? - Read For Yourself

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Forget the Big Mac. It isn’t as big as this. I mean with respect to what you will pay to eat this one there is nothing bigger than this yet. I am referring to the whopper of a burger called the ‘Fleur Burger’ which sells at an astronomical 5000 $ at the Fleur restaurant in Mandalay Bay at Vegas. No kidding! Now you are asking is this burger really worth $5,000- Read for yourself and find out soon.


The Chef Hubert Keller Behind the Burger:

There is dining and then there is ‘fine dining’ and what is the difference you might ask. The difference is in the method of preparation, the ingredients that go into it and also the Chef behind the delectable presentation. In the case the expensive Fleur Burger the Chef is none other than Hubert Keller who is the star of PBS-Secrets of a Chef- Bravo’s ‘Top Chef Masters’.

This French born chef joined Mandalay bay in Las Vegas in 2004 with his casual dining concept restaurant Burger Bar. He is also the first guest chef at the White House invited by the Clintons. A chef this renowned had to come up with something extravagant and he did with the idea of the ‘Fleur Burger’ worth $5,000. With all the hoopla surrounding the burger Keller the burger loving Frenchman says he expects only about 6 burgers to be sold in a year. He is the author of ‘Burger Bar’ cook book.

Ingredients of the Expensive Burger:

The burger is made from Kobe beef topped with black truffles, foie gras and served on a brioche truffle bun with truffle sauce. If that doesn’t sound appetizing enough listen to this. Added to this platter is a bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus, the expensive French wine.

Why is This an Expensive Burger?

Now you are wondering why it is so expensive and is the burger really worth it? Read on and conclude what you think.

-The Kobe beef patty, the foie gras and black truffles are expensive to start with.

-The 1990 Chateau Petrus served with the burger is expensive too. Average US retail of this is around 3000 $ a bottle. It is a rare collectable bottle.

-The Chateau Petrus is served in expensive Ichendorf Brunello stemware which is imported from Italy and costs around 75$ a pair. The stemware is mailed to you with compliments and a certificate of proof that you did have the expensive 5000$ burger.

So if you would like to live it up in Vegas and show off the certificate of having eaten the most expensive burger, go for it. It might leave a deep hole in the pocket but might gladden you with the souvenir of a certificate on the wall. In addition you tasted the Petrus and got the Ichendorf Brunello stemware to keep.

Image Credit and Info:

 The Official Website of Chef Hubert Keller

Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay

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Is This Burger Really Worth $ 5,000? - Read For Yourself