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What Are The Types Of Mushrooms?

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What are the types of mushrooms? If you are a mushroom lover, this must have come to your mind. There are many types of mushrooms – some of which are edible while others are not. In fact, it is said, that there are nearly 10,000 types of mushrooms all over the world. Here is a list of various types of mushrooms and information related to them.


Mycorrhizae – These usually wrap themselves with roots of different plants and feed on the glucose of the host plant. These types of mushrooms grow very quickly along with the plant on which they cling on to.

Saprotrophic– These mushrooms are considered to be very helpful for the environment. These are decomposers which help to break down the enzymes present in the dead tissues of different types of plants and animals which exist in the environment. Smaller molecules are usually absorbed by these mushrooms. These mushrooms also help in recycling the organic matter which helps to increase the fertility of any soil.


Parasitic– Of the various types of mushrooms which are available, these mushrooms are the most common. They actually infect their host plant and feed on its nutrients. These types of mushrooms are responsible for the death of the host plant in the long run.


Endophytes –These are wild mushrooms which feed on the host tissue and ultimately kill the plant. These mushrooms can be cultivated in labs also without their host.


There are nearly 5000 types of mushrooms which are known as wild mushrooms and normally are found in abundance in gardens, wood chips and roadsides. Some of these mushrooms are edible but it is very difficult to decide which mushroom is not poisonous.


Enoki – This are those mushrooms which have a long stalk and round edges. These are often used in soup and fry recipes.

  • Morels – These are considered to be one of the most delicious mushrooms. They appear just after the spring and are often used in several recipes.
  • Bearded tooth – These mushrooms look quite similar to white fur as they are completely white in color. Out of the various types of mushrooms which grow wild, these consist a majority of them. These are usually found in dark logs which make them quite easy to spot. The yellow kind of mushrooms which are found are very sour in taste and cannot be eaten.
  • Cremini Mushrooms – These types of mushrooms are used in most recipes. They have full bodied flavor which makes them highly popular among the food lovers.
  • White button mushrooms – These are normally grown at backyards. These mushrooms usually have a unique flavor and are quite mild in taste. They are normally used in salads, meats and pastas and are often cooked with loads of garlic and onions.

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What Are The Types Of Mushrooms?