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How To Test A Turkey With Meat Thermometer

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Are you looking for Ways to Test a Turkey with a Meat Thermometer? Here is a simple method that will help you test your holiday turkey roast.

Testing a turkey is very important before serving it at the table. You do not want your guests disappointed at finding the meat undercooked. It is also important to test the turkey for doneness as it should be cooked properly to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning.

There are several methods for determining the bacteria level in cooked turkey, but when it comes to measuring internal temperature of the turkey there is only one method.

Meat thermometer can be used to test a turkey, it is the only method by which we can know whether the turkey is safe to eat.

These meat thermometers to test a turkey are available at home appliance and kitchen ware stores.

Below are the steps to follow for testing a turkey;

A glass of ice water is required to test the accuracy of a meat thermometer before using it to test a turkey.

Fill a glass with crushed ice and water and then insert the thermometer and note the reading, if reading shows 32 °F or 0 °C, it means that your thermometer is working correctly.

Calibration of thermometer can be changed by moving the calibration nut on a dial thermometer to read 32°F or by adjusting the digital calibration of an electronic thermometer.

After you make sure that your thermometer is ready for testing a turkey, introduce the thermometer into the thickest portion of the turkey thigh and leave it for 15 to 20 seconds.

Above step will help you to get a correct reading of a turkey.

Next step in testing a turkey is placing the tip of the thermometer into the turkey meat without touching the bone. Please make sure that thermometer is inserted at least one inch deep.

Then place the thermometer tip into the turkey in the area where the wing meets the breast and hold it for another 15 to 20 seconds and make sure to keep the thermometer away from the bone and at least 1 inch deep.

After finishing the above step the thermometer probe should be inserted into the core of the stuffing for 15 to 20 seconds and note the temperature of stuffing.

Finally again note the temperature of the thickest breast meat.

For preventing from food poisoning extra care should be taken while cooking turkey.

The turkey is safe to consume when  noted temperature in all sites is at least 165°F temperature.

Test a turkey by following the above steps for using a meat thermometer and ensure that you receive several compliments for your roast from your guests. 


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How To Test A Turkey With Meat Thermometer