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What Do You Know About Bell Peppers

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Bell peppers are commonly known as capsicums. They are considered to be highly nutritious vegetables belonging to the genus Capsicum Annum. Facts about bell peppers include their place of origin which is believed to be parts of Mexico and Central America. The high demand for bell peppers has also resulted in them being harvested on a large scale in locations that have no dearth of water and bright sunshine. Health research has uncovered the facts about bell peppers to a large extent now, and the goodness of bell peppers and its benefits have become common knowledge. But what do you know about bell peppers? Check it out…


Types Of Bell Peppers: The humble bell pepper comes in a variety of colors. While the green ones are mostly found in the stores all across the world, it is the bright red ones that are consumed more widely. The capsicum or bell pepper can be in yellow, orange and brown in color. The facts about bell peppers indicate that their color depicts their state of maturity. A red colored one is the ripened form of the green pepper, and is a little sweet in taste. The bell peppers lose their sting, and become more mellow and sweet as they ripen.


Health Benefits: The health benefits of bell peppers are varied and many. While the red and ripe peppers are full of dietary fibers along with vitamins and minerals, the green colored ones are not too far behind either. All the varieties help in improving blood circulation, as well as in facilitating digestion. Vitamins A, K and C also play an important role in controlling inflammation while the carotenes present act as cancer inhibitors. The risk of heart diseases gets considerably reduced as well. The peppers are not associated with any serious side effects either. While some people may experience a bloating due to enhancement of abdominal gas, the problem can be countered successfully by consuming the peppers after peeling off their skins. The absence of cholesterol and fat makes these vegetables an attractive and healthy choice when it comes to planning our daily diet regimen.


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What Do You Know About Bell Peppers