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Ideas For National Popcorn Day Activities

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Come January and you are left thinking and searching for new innovative ideas for National Popcorn Day activities. National Popcorn Day falls on the 19th of January (the exact date is under continuous debate) and is celebrated nation wide with people eating, buying and gifting popcorn.


Tips and Ideas for National Popcorn Day Activities


Popcorn is considered to be a healthy snack that is loved by young and old alike. Other than it being a choking hazard for children below 3 years, popcorn fits into anyone's health regime. National Popcorn Day honors the ever delicious taste of popped corn popular for over 5000 years. The day can be enjoyed with friends and family. New ideas for National Popcorn Day activities would make the day even more entertaining.

  • Invite your friends over for a movie or game and watch it together munching on popcorn with a favorite topping.
  • Try mixing freshly popped corn with salads for a crunchier experience.

  • Popcorn frames and fun to make with your siblings and friends.

  • Girls can get together and make some lovely jewelry with popcorn like popcorn necklace, bracelets and wear them on the day.

  • Toddlers can have fun jumping and dancing around like corn popping from the pan.

  • This is the perfect day to try out variously flavored popcorn like caramel popcorn, chocolate dusted popcorn etc.

  • Use this day to find out more facts and history about the simple, yet exotic popcorn.

  • Gift popcorn to your colleagues and loved ones.


You too can come up with many similar ideas for National Popcorn Day activities to make the day special and full of fun. Keep up the festive mood and eat more popcorn!

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Ideas For National Popcorn Day Activities