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Learn More About The French Paradox

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Do you want to learn more about the French paradox? Then, this blog equips you with right information.


France is the fashion capital of the world that is the common knowledge, but do you know it is also lovingly called the gourmet capital of the world? We all are familiar about various types of French cheeses, French wines, foie gras, steaks, and fondues. Also, many of us try to learn about the interesting French wine and cheese pairings too! That means French chomp in lots of fats and they tend to be at the risk of contracting the coronary heart disease. But in reality the French have relatively low incidences of coronary heart disease. This contrasting phenomenon is called French Paradox. The term French paradox was coined by Dr. Serge Renaud from the Bordeaux University in France.


A study conducted in 1991 concluded that French lower the chance of cardiovascular ailments by sipping a glass of wine with food. It is believed that this finding surged the wine consumption by 44%. Even some of the breweries attempted to cash on the phenomenon by labeling the wine as the health food. But the experts are still exploring the health benefits offered by wines. This is the very concept of French paradox which continues to baffle the food scientists till date.


By now everyone across the world had a reason to gulp glasses of wine saying that it is a good heart tonic. But wait for a moment because there aren’t enough studies to prove that point. Then, what shields a Frenchman’s heart. Let’s look into some factors which may narrow down the gravity of the French paradox.

  • French mostly go for high profile breakfast which mostly consists of jam, croissants, coffee, French bread. But the most important factor that we all miss out is that although French love to have these fatty goodies for breakfast, but they have it in small quantities. They divide their breakfasts in small portions which allow the body to digest the food easily.
  • French dinner is mostly an elaborate affair. French have their dinner in three to four small courses. The first course starts with light appetizers, proceeds with main dish and then ends in a dessert. But the food is eaten slowly because French love to savor every bit that they eat.
  • French mostly avoid high fat snacks such as sodas, deep fried burgers, chips in between the meal times. These foods contribute to the health problems experienced by the Americans.
  •  French take in lots of liquid foods such as herbal teas, soups and water which aid the body in good ways.
  • Another interesting thing about the French paradox is that French mostly enjoy fatty foods. But they derive 80% of their fats from vegetables and dairy products such as cheeses, and whole milk.
  • The culture of eating while watching TV is a phenomenon which is commonly observed across the world but French love to have their food mindfully and peacefully.


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Learn More About The French Paradox