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What Do You Know About Compound Butters?

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You must have been offered compound butter several times with seafood, steak and vegetables. Let’s find out What Do You Know About Compound Butters with this article.

What are compound butters: Compound butters are mixtures of butter with seasoning agents and the sole aim of this ingredient is to boost flavor in various dishes. They are often served as an alternative to sauce or for extra flavor to the foods like seafood, steak or even vegetables. Both savory and sweet varieties of compound butter can be made at home. If you are organizing a dinner party at home, use compound butter to give food a sophisticated feel.

How to make compound butters?: To make compound butter, you need to soften the butter and whip additional elements like aromatic liquids, herbs and spices into it. Refrigerate the reformed butter until it becomes firm. You can also give different shapes to the butter before chilling and use it as garnish later. Savory compound butters include a variety of ingredients like dried mushrooms, cilantro, parsley, paprika, lime, dill, garlic, anchovies, chilies, mustard, red wine and fresh herbs.

How to use compound butters?: Pour the butter on vegetables and meat and let it melt to give food a rich flavor. Spread the butter before making sandwiches. You can also serve it with grilled meat or fish. Compound butter has a smaller shelf life so use it just a few days after making it. The maximum you can use it for a month, only if frozen. Place the compound butter in a grease-proof paper and use lemon to preserve it.

Compound butters in French cuisine-Chronicling through facts about compound butters: Compound butters used to be an integral part of French cuisine that’s why chefs never hesitated to use it in everything from starters to the main dish when it was first introduced in 1900s. They used to be prepared-in-advance as an alternative to sauces that can enhance flavor to the dishes. French chefs used it mainly for decoration punctuated with color or seasonings. However, they have fast disappeared from restaurant menus because of the disappearance of classic French cuisine. Still, grilled steak best accompanies with parsley butter in France. Frenchmen are still fond of compound butters made with fish. Some of the famous French compound butters are Anchovy butter, Bercy butter, dill & Pernod butter, Escargot butter, garlic butter, Maitre d'Hotel Butter (Maitre D Butter), Tarragon Butter, Truffle Butter, Roquefort Blue Cheese Butter, Royal Truffle Butter and Wine Merchant Butter.

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What Do You Know About Compound Butters?