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Difference Between Heavy Cream And Whipped Cream - Which One To Choose

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The top most layer on the milk before the homogenization takes place, is the cream. There are many varieties of cream available, heavy cream and whipped cream being the most common ones and let me explain to you in detail the Difference Between Heavy Cream And Whipped Cream and Which One To Choose for your recipe.

The two cream types are distinguished on the basis of the milk fat or butterfat present in them.

Whipped Cream: This cream has two varieties light whipping cream and regular whipped cream. The fat content in light whipping cream is in the range of 30-36%, while in the regular variety the butterfat is 36% or more. Whipped cream is does not occur naturally and can be made easily with the help of mixer or blender. It is a light cream and does not whip very well, hence it is used as a soft topping in some desserts and is used and filling in some dishes.

Heavy Cream or Heavy Whipping Cream: This cream is the richest in terms of the milk fat that it contains. Heavy cream has two varieties, extra heavy whipping cream that has more than 38% fat content and regular heavy whipping cream which contains 36% and more of fat content.

Now, next let me talk about the uses of each of these so that you know which cream is best suited for your recipe.


Heavy Cream vs. Whipped Cream


Since we know that the heavy cream has higher fat content, it is able to hold its initial form for a longer period of time. This is the deciding factor for you. While both whipped and heavy cream can be used as a topping for cakes, ice creams, muffins and other desserts, if you want the topping to retain its shape then heavy cream should be used.


Another difference between the two cream types is that while the heavy cream whips well, fluffier and becomes almost four times its original quantity, however, the whipping cream does not whip well.


Comparing heavy cream vs. whipped cream on the basis of shelf life, the latter has a longer shelf life. When buying these creams, you must always watch out for the tag, that contains the best before use date. It is very important that you use fresh cream in order to maintain the taste and rich textures of the desserts.


Whipped cream can be used in place of heavy cream when you want to cut down on the fat content, however, as mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to use this cream as a cake topping, since it does not whip well and does not hold its form for long.


So for the rich taste and texture use heavy cream and if you want to reduce the fat content of your dish go in for the whipped cream.


For the health conscious people: If you love the taste of cream but refrain form it because of high fat and calorie content, then you can substitute heavy cream with evaporated milk! All you have to do is store cooled milk in the freezer for nearly 30 minutes and then whip it using an electric mixer, and you are good to go.

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Difference Between Heavy Cream And Whipped Cream - Which One To Choose