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The Debate - Why Foie Gras Is Not Unethical

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The debate about the ethics about foie gras has been rife for a long time now with the PETA and its followers being staunchly against it. But the belief that foie gras is not unethical is harbored by a sizable chunk of the population too making it imperative to check out the facts before you decide to continue the debate on why foie gras is not unethical.


People who abhor the practice of force feeding the innocent ducks question the ethics about foie gras, and the pictures abounding on the Internet depicting filthy conditions in which the ducks are kept confined help in creating an image which does nothing to reinforce the belief that eating foie gras is not unethical .


The tour made by a group of serious eaters to the idyllic farm of La Belle which promised total transparency about its methods helped to clear the air somewhat. The idea behind the tour was to confirm that foie gras is not unethical.


The farm located in Hudson valley handles the entire operation of preparing and packaging foie gras right from raising the chicks to shipping the finished product. The USDA inspector watches over the activities with an eagle eye making it impossible to forget the ethics about foie gras.


The workers at the farm explained that the ducks were stunned by electrified water before being slaughtered which makes the death virtually painless. With the trauma of death being removed it is easier to imagine that raising ducks for foie gras is not unethical.


The spacious sheds for the ducks are kept clean with signs of distress being reported immediately prompting the veterinarian to take action.  The ducks at the farm seemed healthy enough with only the male birds being raised for the purpose. It was another point in their favor making one believe that the method of making foie gras is not unethical.


The all important feeding process came next. The proprietor explained that they used a flexible plastic tube quite similar to the duck’s esophagus. The bird does not eat in case there is food remaining within the esophagus which helps in understanding why obtaining foie gras is not unethical.  Another reason for believing that the process of force feeding in order to get foie gras is not unethical is the general air of cleanliness and the comfort factor of the birds in the farm who did not seem to be compromised in any way.                                                                                              

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The Debate - Why Foie Gras Is Not Unethical