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Which Are The Most Popular Sausages

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“Which are the most popular sausages?” Most of us are very familiar with sausages but many of us have never thought of the types and varieties that are observed from country to country. To begin with  “sausage is a food which is prepared by mixing  pounded meat with spices, herbs and salt.”  The pounded meat mixture is encased with an intestine casing. Normally the casing is prepared from ovine and beef.     

We would love to make a defining statement “only good butchers make best chefs” which goes well in the case of sausages. The cook needs to make the best use of their butchery art to prepare tasty sausages. The earliest mention of the sausage dates back to 589 BC, when lamb and goat meat were pounded to prepare the sausage. The trend of modern day sausages began in Luciana region of Italy.  Since then there has been no looking back because various types of sausages are prepared throughout the world. Here are some of the most popular sausages which are enjoyed throughout the world:

  • Beef Sausage: This is the most popular sausages of all time. This is one sausage which any pork hater can prepare with love. You need to use  fresh beef to prepare this sausage. Cevapcici; All-Beef; Mexican all-beef; Smoked Beef Stick; and Smoked sausage are the most popular sausages prepared from beef.


  • Chicken Sausage: We have learnt this craft of sausage preparation from Italians. Actually people prefer making these sausages because it takes very few ingredients and even fewer skills to make a perfect chicken sausage. The chicken sausage is very versatile you can serve it with spaghetti sauce and pizza. Tony’s Chicken breakfast sausage, Tianna’s chicken raisin breakfast sausage, Moroccan chicken sausage, chicken apple are some of the popular sausages prepared from chicken.


  • Italian Sausages: Italy is the birthplace of the modern day sausage. Normally beef and pork are used to prepare  Italian sausages. Chili and fennel seeds are also used in the preparation of these sausages. Bandiera, Barese, Cotechino, Greca, and Luganega are the most popular Italian sausages.


  • Vienna Sausage: Vienna sausage is a type of hot dog which resembles the American hot dog in taste and texture. It is mostly served on spiced bread with condiments. In Nordic countries Vienna sausages are known by alternate names such as Wiener Würstchen, Wiener, crenvurșt, etc.  Libbys Vienna sausage, Armour Vienna sausage, are some of the popular brands of Vienna sausage.


  • Veggie Sausage:  These sausages can be a relief to all those who have discarded meat recently. Some veggie sausages mimic the taste of the actual  meat sausage.  A  veggie sausage can be served as party snack when teamed with sauce or chutney. The only form of fat contained in these sausages is the oil used for frying them. The other great thing about these sausages is that you can freeze them before frying. MorningStar-Farms-Veggie-Sausages are one of the popular brand vegetable sausages which are enjoyed throughout the world.  

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Which Are The Most Popular Sausages