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What Can You Make With Broiled Sardines

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Somebody asked me, what can you make with broiled sardines? I said almost every sardine recipe; it’s true to some extent because you can replace grilled sardines with broiled sardines. It is much easier to broil sardines, takes lesser time than grilling and tastes as good as grilled sardines. Many of us are not aware of the fact that most of the grilled sardine dishes available in restaurants are actually made of broiled sardines. You too can have restaurant style sardine dishes using broiled sardines. I have some recipe ideas that would help you in getting started with broiled sardine dishes.

Deviled Sardine Canapes

This fish snack recipe requires broiled sardines, prepared mustard, lime juice, buttered bread toast, soft bread crumbs, lemon wedges, parsley and watercress.


Broiled Stuffed Sardines

The name of the recipe suggests that the main ingredient for the recipe is broiled sardines. Other major ingredients include anchovies, capers, onions, parsley, garlic, thyme, stuffed olives, milk, creamed butter and vegetable oil.


Cheese and Sardine Fritters

This is one of the most delicious broiled sardine dishes that I ever had. It has loads of cheddar cheese, some garlic, egg and lime juice. Bread crumbs are used for making crisp sardines.


Sardine Canapes

Sardine canapés are favorite  for everyone, from kids to grownups. The broiled sardine canapés contain onion, garlic, sweet gherkins, stuffed olive, mayonnaise cheese, vinegar, paprika, onion, capers and butter.


Sardines Nicoise

This broiled sardine dish requires olives and tomatoes along with salt and pepper.


As I said earlier, you can use broiled sardine in all sardine recipes as they cook easily and are mouthwatering at the same time.


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What Can You Make With Broiled Sardines