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National Date Nut Bread Day - Celebrate With Dates

National Date Nut Bread Day - Celebrate With Dates! I'd be happy if a nice guy takes me out on a couple of dates and more. Lol! But this post is not going to be about my love life. It is going to be about one of the few million food holidays that USA has. The National Date Nut Bread Day is celebrated by all those who love dates(the eating variety) and especially if they remember when. Ok, the date nut bread day falls during the Holidays, on December 22nd. I wonder if the Americans celebrating the date nut bread day would make the Arabs happy? I think that it would, because the dates are a very important cash crop in many of the Arab nations.


The dates are ancient. They have been in cultivation for more than 5000 year. But Larousse Gastronomique states that first recorded date nut bread recipe in the western world was just in 1939. I think that they should have just checked with the Arabs first. The dates, especially the dried dates are super high in sugar. So most of the desserts made with dates do not have additional sugar. The dates are also a rich source of dietary fiber and iron. Date syrups are recommended for pregnant women and anemic people. So it is a good thing that if you bake a date nut bread on the date nut bread day; you'll get some iron into your system.


The date nut bread is usually made with with chopped dates, butter, boiling water, egg, and walnuts or pecans. Of course, there is no additional sugar in the recipe. Luckily, there is no date nut bread festival because how much can you bake and eat, eh? I think that it is enough that we just have one date nut bread day falling during the Holidays. So, do bake a date nut bread and share it with friends and family. But, always remember to eat in moderation and don't stuff yourself.


Bon Appetit!


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National Date Nut Bread Day - Celebrate With Dates