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A Whole Orange Is Better For You Than Its Components Separately

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Ever wondered Why A Whole Orange Is Better For You Than Its Components Separately? Let’s find out with this article.

Introduction: It is a well-known fact that orange and other citrus fruits contain Vitamin C and blood-protecting antioxidants. That prompts some non-fruit lovers to take vitamin pills to fulfill their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. But scientists believe that the whole orange is far better compared to its components if taken for health benefits.

Study: To find out why whole oranges are better than a Vitamin C pills, Brigham Young University’s nutritionists squeezed the healthy compounds of the fruit and found that a particular mixture of antioxidants is what makes it good for consumption. The Journal of Food Science published the team’s research of the best health-promoting combinations of natural antioxidants recently.

Take fruits like dessert: According to BYU’s Assistant Professor of nutrition, dietetics and food science, Tory Parker, the intake of carbohydrates and fat, it increases the amount of free radicals in the blood. Over a period of time, this hardens arteries and makes us prone to heart diseases. However, fruits protect us from that effect, if taken after few hours of every meal.  Fruits in the form of dessert is best.

Parker’s explanation: Parker explains that  eating the whole orange is better because it naturally has the effect of two or more antioxidants together compared to high concentrations of extracts of blackberry and blueberry that some companies mix to get the same effect. Parker further said that the researchers were looking for synergistic effects and added, "Cases where the effect of two or more antioxidants together was stronger than the sum of them separately." When they identified the most synergistic antioxidants’ combinations, the compounds hesperidin and naringenin, contributed most in the combinations. Parker said that he would continue his research to find out how these mixtures would effect those who eat oranges.

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