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Black Walnut - The Black Hand Of Death

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The black walnut story reveals a lot. The properties of the innocuous yet exotic fruit is considered to be delicious as well. The wild form of nut growing in North America has long and illustrious tales told about it. The origin, history and significance of black walnuts are not particularly spectacular with a few species of the nut being available in the Rockies, California, Texas and the wilderness of Arizona. Black Walnut - The Black Hand of Death is a story that will regale many and bears special significance as it is a specific characteristic of the black walnut story itself.


But are there any definite points of difference between the ordinary walnuts that you can pick up from a store and the black walnut story? The ones easily available are English in origin and far easier to shell and eat, the origin, history and significance of black walnut is rather extensive as well as interesting heightened by the simple fact that it is rare to come by. Your friendly neighborhood store is certainly not going to stock any and the grocer would be liable to gape in disbelief as you narrate the black walnut story.


Size is certainly not a debatable issue at all even when it comes to the origin, history and significance of black walnut. The flavor which is definitely more nutty, richer with a touch of bitterness is a more engaging aspect of the black walnut story. The difference is not quite subtle and is similar to that between a creamy glass of milk and its skimmed counterpart. The black walnut story will undoubtedly enthrall making you prefer the wild variety over the commercially available ones.


But, the origin, history and significance of black walnut all indicate waiting for the right moment in order to harvest a good crop of wild walnuts. Picking them of the ground is a task by itself. The selection needs to be right too and it is essential that you go through the black walnut story again when you are confronted with this particular problem.


The ones which have not been hulled are ideal. But hulling them is another kind of black walnut story altogether. The stains that are left by the walnuts need to be seen to be believed! No amount of scrubbing will help you achieve the squeaky clean look once you have managed to stain your interiors. Wearing gloves during the hulling process is mandatory too. The black walnut story depicts how you will have to go around sporting the Black Hand of death if you fail to cover your hands adequately while removing the hull from the wild walnut. 


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Black Walnut - The Black Hand Of Death