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How To Make Mayonnaise At Home Without Tears

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Make mayonnaise at home is the advice I took quite a few years ago and it has served me exceedingly well until now. The ingredients are not too expensive for one nor is the process too complex. You will, in fact, be satisfied to learn how to make mayonnaise at home without tears without subjecting yourself to too much of trouble too.


Making mayonnaise at home is common enough and you need not have any fears while learning to tackle emulsifying the eggs in butter or oil. Using a food processor for mixing the various ingredients may prove to a good idea although it is equally possible to obtain the same result by other means while you try to make mayonnaise.


It is best to keep all your ingredients together so that you do not end up losing precious time while making mayonnaise at home. Let us now try and find out the items that we will require as we make mayonnaise at home.


Ingredients - The ingredients for making mayonnaise at home are nothing special. All you will need is an egg and a tablespoon full of salt initially. Another half a tea spoon full of Dijon mustard along with some lemon juice and cider vinegar will get you all set to embark on your project to make mayonnaise by yourself. Some oil not the extra virgin olive oil is required to be kept handy as you make mayonnaise.


Mixing - Whisking the mixture containing all the afore mentioned ingredients is the next step involved as you try to make mayonnaise at home. Using a food processor or a hand held electric mixer will prove to be helpful as you will be able to fashion a smooth blend of all the ingredients without giving too much of time to this process of making mayonnaise at home, The oil will not be a part of the mixture though and should be kept separately.


Adding Oil - Now comes the trickiest part that you have to learn while trying to make mayonnaise. Adding the oil in a steady continuous stream to the mixture is imperative and can be done with the aid of a feeding tube until it gets emulsified completely.


Storage - Well,  that is all that is there to it and you have learnt to make mayonnaise properly now. Storing the finished product is something that you need to ponder upon too. Keeping it sealed in an airtight container is essential as is keeping it refrigerated.  It is also best to learn about the properties of the various ingredients as you learn how to make mayonnaise. The addition of raw eggs within the mayonnaise will make it unfit for consumption if stored for a long period of time, for instance.


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How To Make Mayonnaise At Home Without Tears