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Why Does Pot Pie Beef Have So Much Saturated Fat?

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Pot pie beef is a savory dish that is hard to resist but I always have to keep the portions small because of its high calorie content. Whenever I am enjoying my small piece of this delicious beef pie I keep thinking why does pot pie beef have so much of saturated fat in it? Until one day, when I decided that I could not resist them anymore, I went about going into the root of the problem and found out the reason behind saturated fat in pot pie beef. Read below to see what I discovered.

As I studied the pot pie beef recipe in detail, I could make out that the culprits were beef and the puff pastry. These two ingredients have the highest amount of saturated fat in it.


Beef has almost 37 % fat in it and most of it is of saturated type. In every 198 grams of beef there is 8.5 grams of saturated fat.


The outer crust of the pot pie beef has almost 17% saturated fat in it. So in every 11 gram puff pastry there is 2.2 gram of saturated fat in it.


Nutritional Content In Pot Pie Beef

A 18 ounce frozen pot pie beef contains 511 calories. Out of this, 30.94 grams is only fat. No wonder pot pie beef has so much of saturated fat in it.


Now that the reason behind saturated fat in pot pie beef was crystal clear, I went about finding ways by which I could make healthy pot pie beef so that I can eat more without the guilt of adding more calories to my daily intake. I would like to share them with everyone who loves to eat pot pie beef but dread the fat contained in it.


Tips For Making Low Calorie Pot Pie Beef Or Low Fat Pot Pie Beef.

  1. Eat your pot pie beef without the pastry, it will taste like a delicious stew and keep the calorie intake low. This helps to reduce the calorie by 200 and fat by 10 grams.
  2. Use lean meat instead of regular meat cuts.
  3. Meat can be grilled to drain out fat before adding them to the pot pie.
  4. Add little less meat and more vegetables.


These tips came in handy and allowed me to savor pot pie beef without having to ponder over the reasons reason behind saturated fat in pot pie beef. You too can follow me!


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