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What Are The Uses Of Soy Pulp

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Soy pulp also known as Okara has many uses. Read on to get some quick recipes.


After soy milk is extracted or tofu is made, what is left is called the soy pulp. It is also called okara, and it is the unsolvable carbohydrate remains. This is the most inexpensive source of fiber. According to the Soy Info Center, three fourth of a cup of okara or soy pulp contains as much as 9.8 grams of fiber and only 77 calories. The fiber content in soy pulp is in fact higher than in cereals. Though soy pulp has a very bland flavor, it can complement and add character to the dishes. Soy pulp has many uses; it can easily be added to soups and sauces. You can also add them in stir fried veggies, breads, burgers and casseroles. This can even be used as a meat substitute.


Soy Pulp Burgers

Try making burgers with soy pulp. Just make the patties with the pulp and add some minced veggies, flour, spices and bread crumbs. You can even put corn flakes to thicken the patties. Once this is done, add some lettuce, ketchup along with the patties between the bun and your tasty, healthy burger is done!


Baked or fried soy pulp

Soy pulp can easily be used in the place of chicken tenders to make stripes. You can add some oats and your favourite spices, for some texture and flavor. Dip these in soy milk and bake or deep fry. This is sure to be a healthier substitute for most fast foods, and it can also be really tasty when had with your favourite sauce.


Spaghetti and Soy pulp Balls

Meat balls can be substituted with soy balls; this will give you a high fibrous food. As this will not hold as well as meat balls, place them on top of the spaghetti and then pour the sauce. Adding soy pulp to the sauce will give it some extra thickness.


Add soy pulp to cookies

In your cookie recipe you can add one tablespoon of raw soy pulp along with two spoons of water, instead of eggs. This will reduce the cholesterol content, and you can easily make eggless cookies with fewer calorie contents but high fiber. Toasted soy pulp feels like coconut flakes, and this can be added to granola for some fiber. This can easily be toasted by spreading on a thin cooking sheet which is coated with cooking spray and then baking in 200 degree Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes until golden brown and dry.


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What Are The Uses Of Soy Pulp