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How To Start A Ice Cream Truck Business

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how to start ice cream truck business

Have you wondered about how to start an ice cream truck business? Starting ice cream truck business is nothing different from any other type of business. Similarly, you need to do a lot of planning and fix up a budget, before starting ice cream truck business. Here you will find a step by step guidance for helping you in your endeavor.



Step 1

First of all, you need to settle down on your budget. This is very important, because your complete business will be depending upon this factor. If you don’t have enough fund of your own, you can go in for a loan from reliable financial institutions.


Step 2

Next, you should sit with your business plan. Related to your budget, you should also estimate your cost for setting up the business. For starting the ice cream truck, initially you need to spend quite a lot of money for buying the truck, the refrigerator, the franchisee etc. So, work on that economically by keeping some money from your budget in hand for contingency purposes.


Step 3

Buy the important items, required for starting ice cream truck business. You should also get clearance from the respective authorities for the operating licenses, such as the Dept of Motor Vehicles, Health Department, Dept of Consumer Affairs etc.


Step 4

You should also spend some money for advertisements. This is one of the important aspects of starting any business, however different it might be. But, once you gain popularity, you can go without it. Before venturing out on your first day business, get some pamphlets or banners printed and distributed with the local newspaper.


Step 5

Fix a suitable time to take your ice cream truck out for business. Also, fix a particular locality to start with. Once you become popular in that locality, you can have another truck serving some other locality of your city. The majority of your customers are going to be children, so you might offer some attractive deals or smart gifts to win over their little hearts.


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How To Start A Ice Cream Truck Business