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5 Things You Can Do With A Can Of Tomatoes

5 Things You Can Do With A Can Of Tomatoes .... Hmmm, let me think.

1. Use it as a weapon for self-defense in the case of an armed robbery

2. Play 'catch' with it

3. Use it as a zombie bait if the entire town is filled with zombies and if you are a zombie hunter

4. Spoil someone's fur coat by 'accidentally' spilling the juice on it

 5. Use it as a Tin Can Time Machine.

Well, that is what I would ideally like to do with a can of tomatoes. Lol! But you could do the following.

5 Things You Can Do With A Can Of Tomatoes


1. Salsa baby! Hell yeah!

I love dancing Salsa to the tunes of Hector Lavoe and Tito Puente. I also love it when Salsa comes as a sauce. I can binge on potato crisps all day long if you give me Salsa. Ok, I'm not recommending you to dive into a bag of crisps but I'm just saying. Salsa goes well not only with crisps but also with every drab and bland dish. What I love about Salsa is that, both the dance and the sauce are 99% fat free.


2. Spanish Gazpacho!

I love all things Spanish. If you tell me that you can speak in Spanish, then I will probably be asking you, if I can buy you a drink. Better still, lemme make you a Gazpacho. Ok, people, Gazpacho is not a aphrodisiac, it is a cold tomato soup made with raw tomatoes and other vegetables. It is very good for your digestive system.


3. Indian Tomato Pickle!

This a tricky but a sexy little number. I'm not going to be elaborating the recipe but you can read the recipe by clicking here. It goes well with Indian rice cakes or Indian bread or just bread in general.


4. Zig it up with Pasta!

Italian food cannot do without two things; seafood and tomato. Pureed tomatoes are used as sauces in a lot of pasta dishes. In opinion, most Italian pasta dishes would be very bland if it weren't for the tomatoes.


5. Una Granita Papi!

Si, a tomato granita! It makes an excellent summer time beverage. Can you believe it, a glass of tomato granita contains just about 40 calories. This baby is a weigh-watcher's delight.


Enjoy what you can of canned tomatoes! Mazel tov!


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5 Things You Can Do With A Can Of Tomatoes