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How Is Kiwi Fruit Day Celebrated

How is the Kiwi Fruit Day celebrated? By dressing up as kiwis and clucking around the backyard. Really? Of course not. What people usually do is, get involved hands on with the kiwi fruits. They make kiwi fruit custards, cakes, tarts, pavlovas, shakes and every other bakes. Then they call over their friends and have a ball. You can try to make it a bit different by planting a kiwi fruit cultivar in your backyard. If that is not possible, eat as many kiwi fruits as possible. December 21st is the National Kiwi Fruit Day, by the way.



The kiwi fruit essentially originated from China. And back in 50's, it used to be known as the Chinese dick weed. The Chinese dick weed?!?! Lmao! If you think that sounds gross, then wait till you hear its alternate name; the hairy bush fruit. Yes, those are a couple of its many names. Then the New Zealand fruit exporters rechristened it as the 'kiwifruit' for all practical purposes. Whew! Thank God for that. For many of you who are familiar with New Zealand or if you are a cricket aficionado; you would know that the kiwifruit gets its name from kiwi, a flightless bird, which is also the national symbol of New Zealand. Interestingly, the kiwi fruit is the national fruit of China and not of New Zealand. But, the kiwifruit is the main ingredient of the national dessert of the New Zealand; the Pavlova.



Call it the Chinese dick weed or as the hairy bush fruit, it was love at the first bite for me. As my teeth sank into its succulent flesh, my mind exploded with too much of delicious information that was passed on from my tongue to my brain. It seemed to me like as if it was a hybrid between pineapple, banana and probably a cherry. The kiwi fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C. It in fact has twice the amount found in oranges. It is also low in calories and is a mild laxative. So the next time you feel a little constipated, eat a kiwi fruit.


PS: The kiwi fruit has a protein dissolving enzyme called as actinidin which is used in commercial meat tenderizers. It will be allergic for people who are already allergic to latex, papayas and pineapples. So watch out!                                                                                                


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How Is Kiwi Fruit Day Celebrated