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How To Celebrate The National Chocolate Cake Day

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How to celebrate the National Chocolate Cake Day? Really? Yes, it is as real as that first sinking bite into that sinfully delectable piece of chocolate cake. First, we had our National Chocolate Day and now we have a National Chocolate Cake Day? Awesome, dude! It is celebrated as a food holiday in the USA on January 27 every year. I am now reminded of my teenage years, when I used to wolf down huge slices of the Chocolate Cake at every given opportunity and at various birthday parties. Oh yes, Imma glutton. Imma glutton for all things chocolate; starting with the chocolate cake.


Research shows that chocolate when eaten in moderation helps prevent heart attack. So technically, a small bit of chocolate every day keeps the heart surgeon away. Likewise, a small bite of the chocolate cake every day, keeps depression at bay. The chocolate cake makes the world a better place by putting a smile on everyone's face when they eat it. Don’t you agree?

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Chocolate is sin. Chocolate cake is an amicable sin. It is lust, gluttony, sloth, and greed; all baked into one devilishly good-looking dessert; the chocolate cake. What do people do on the National Chocolate Cake Day? Bake chocolate cakes, of course. All the bakers and confectioners who know about this special day, make their most popular and special chocolate cakes in advance.


If you are looking for ideas to celebrate the National Chocolate Cake Day, then I would suggest the following.


  • Buy or bake a chocolate cake.
  • Share it with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Feed some hungry and homeless people with a nice slice of a chocolate cake.
  • Have a chocolate cake fight. Yeah, all the throwing and smearing on each other.
  • Have an arm wrestling match for the last piece of that chocolate cake.
  • Eat the entire cake while watching Julie and Julia. No, wait!!!! Share it with your girlfriends while watching the movie.
  • Send Barack Obama a nice chocolate cake. If you are lucky, it might pass through the WHITE HOUSE SECURITY. LOL!!!


Vote Chocolate Cake for world peace! Mazel tov!


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How To Celebrate The National Chocolate Cake Day