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How Can I Roll Out Sourdough

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While preparing your first recipe with sourdough, you must be thinking about – how can I roll out sourdough. Rolling out sourdough does require some practice and expertise. It also depends on the final product for which you are going to roll it out – whether it is a roll or biscuit or tortilla or something else. Different types of recipes ask for different method of rolling the sourdough.

  • You should start with the risen sourdough for rolling the items. But before that you should spend some more time in kneading. Place the fluffy dough on a lightly floured surface and knead for another 8 to 10 times. Now, if you want more rising of the flour, you can again keep this in an air-tight container under warm condition.
  • When your dough is completely ready, you take out your rolling pin to properly roll them according to your recipe. Divide the dough in small balls, if required. For preparing biscuits, you have to roll out the whole dough.
  • Flour the surface on which you are going to roll out. Use your rolling pin to roll on the dough to ¼ inch width. Now fold the rolled dough in half and again roll. You may follow this step for several times, as it would help to provide more crispy layers to your biscuits or pastries. Add more flour to the surface and in between the layers, in case the dough gets sticky.
  • Finally roll out the layered dough according to your requirement. If you are making pastry sheet or tortillas, then try to make it as thin as possible. However, for preparing biscuits or cookies, it should not be that thin, as you have to cut out the biscuits or cookies from the rolled out dough.


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How Can I Roll Out Sourdough