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How To Celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day?

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Chocolate Covered Anything Day – the very name gives you a sense of freedom and indulgence. Top anything with chocolate and have as much of chocolate as you want to – there’s no limiting rules that define how to celebrate chocolate covered anything day. But yes, with so much freedom, comes a sense of guilt as well – the guilt and fear of landing up with those extra inches. A smarter way to celebrate the national chocolate covered anything day is therefore, to go for some healthy, dietary chocolate stuff. And if ideas are what you fall short of, here are some to start with:

•    Dark-Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers: These chocolate covered healthy crackers offer some tasty munches. Simply melt dark chocolate over the Graham Crackers and let it sit for sometime, till the chocolate hardens. Graham crackers in themselves are much healthier when compared to cakes and cookies. Dark chocolate is also believed to lower blood pressure and hence, is good for your health.

•    Bananas Covered with Dark Chocolate: Make a rich chocolate syrup with dark chocolate and honey and coat it on banana slices and celebrate the national chocolate covered anything day with it. Using honey instead of sugar and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate makes this delicious treat a dietician’s favorite too.

•    Dark Chocolate Pistachio Apricots: Coat halved apricots into a dip of dark chocolate and sprinkle some pistachio nuts over them. Refrigerate for some time to let them set and then enjoy. The apricots being sweet in themselves subdue the bitterness of the dark chocolate. The crunch that the pistachios add to this truly makes it a great treat for the national chocolate covered anything day.

These are the top three ideas to celebrate the national chocolate covered anything day in a healthy way. However, if for a day, you want to throw the pangs of dieting out of the window, then other ideas would include chocolate covered hot dogs, chocolate covered bacons, chocolate covered pickles, chocolate covered nuts and pretzels – anything and everything that would suit your taste and mood. So, enjoy the ultimate freedom of eating chocolate this chocolate covered anything day and relive those carefree childhood days instantly.

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How To Celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day?