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How To Celebrate National Chocolate Day

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Those sinful delights called chocolates, justifiably deserve an entire day dedicated to them. Join in the celebrations and with our guide on how to celebrate National Chocolate Day, dedicate an entire day to chocolates. May you have a sweet and chocolaty National chocolate day!

National Chocolate Day celebrations!


Although Chocolate Day is commonly celebrated on 28th October every year, but there are two more days 28th and 29th December that have been allotted to chocolates and celebrated in the US as National Chocolate Day(s)! Well, i don't think anybody would be complaining considering chocolates are loved by almost anyone! So, give in to your chocolate temptations on the National chocolate days and have a sweet time! 


To celebrate National chocolate day you need to first decide if you would like to invite your friends over for a get together or are you planning to take it easy and celebrate a private chocolate day with your family.


If you are planning to invite friends over, then you can decorate the house as you would for a chocolate theme party.  The décor can be brown and white with some red thrown in here and there. Buy chocolate colored balloons and streamers and use creamy white table cloths to drape over the tables. Probably put some bright red cherries in a bowl at the centre of each table. Use your imagination.


You can decide a menu for the chocolate party by including chocolate based dishes such as chocolate truffles, chocolate shakes, chocolate ice creams, chocolate candies etc. Serve some white, milk and bitter flavored chocolate drops and give the children chocolate hampers to take back home.


If you are planning to have a private National Chocolate day celebration with your family, you can either head out for a day at an amusement park or include one chocolate dish in all your meals for the day. If you are planning to have a quiet day at home, surprise your family with a chocolate shake, or chocolate pudding for breakfast. 


Bake some chocolate cookies in advance and serve them with your evening tea. Spread the cheer around and gift some baked cookies to your neighbours and close friends or bake a pudding and take it over to your neighbours.


For the evening meal, you can buy or prepare some chocolate ice cream and serve it as the dessert course. 


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How To Celebrate National Chocolate Day