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How To Plan A Chocolate Day Party

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Planning to throw a chocolate day party for your teenage girls or your little kids on Chocolate Day? You may feel the need for some tips on how to plan a chocolate day party. Read on to know how to throw a successful, fun filled chocolate day party!

Chocolate day party


To begin with and set the mood of the chocolate day party, send out invitations after spraying them with chocolate fragrance. You can also send small packets along with the card which contains some chocolate truffles and chocolate drops. Or add some chocolate shavings in between the invitation card.


You can decide upon a dress code based on the brown, white, and black chocolate colors. 


The decorations can be creamy white and dark brown in colors. Add a shade of red at places with cherries or red plums in the room. One idea is to keep a bowl filled with these fruits at corner tables.


The menu would predominantly be chocolate based. Start with a chocolate shake with a luscious chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies.


For the main course you can serve a chocolate strawberry pizza. To prevent the dish from becoming excessive sweet, you can use regular pizza dough.


If you can afford it, rent out a chocolate fountain and keep various fruits, candies and cheese cubes besides it for dipping in the chocolate sauce.


You can make a chocolate sauce and cream fondue and set the fondue pot in the center of the room. Put marshmallows, strawberries, cherries, cheese cubes etc besides the fondue pot, along with toothpicks. 


Prepare a thick, multiple layered chocolate cake decorated with chocolate shavings or chocolate chips.


Prepare a lot of chocolate candies like chocolate Popsicles, fruit balls, chocolate truffles etc. that can be passed around as snack items.


You can prepare small chocolate gift hampers for the kids that you can give to them when they leave.The hampers can contain small gifts like chocolate soaps, chocolate incense sticks, chocolate scented candles, together with small packs of truffles, chocolate bars etc.


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How To Plan A Chocolate Day Party