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History Of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

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December 16th is yet another of those days that celebrate specific food items. The history of national chocolate covered anything day will involve a lot of research as it is not particularly well known. However, it is certainly a day for all you chocolaholics out there!  You need not feel guilty about eating the addictive stuff on chocolate covered anything day.



National chocolate covered anything day is literally a day for binging. While you can definitely have your fill of chocolate chip encrusted cookies, cakes and pies on the national chocolate covered anything day, you are also at liberty to slather the yummy chocolate over anything and everything that takes your fancy.


History of national chocolate covered anything day does not really give you too many details apart from the fact that you can celebrate the day in December, a month well known for days dedicated to quirky food items.  The chocolate covered anything day must have been formulated by a candy or a confectionary based company initially but whatever be the history behind it, the day has turned out to be a hit especially among the chocolate addicts who just cannot forgo the bitter sweet extract of the cocoa beans.


Pouring liquid chocolate over raisins, nuts and waffles are common place and dipping a variety of berries into a twirl of dark chocolate just before popping it into the mouth is a delicious way of celebrating the national chocolate covered anything day too. Adding chocolates to the breakfast cereal might help your kid to finish it off fast on the day designated as the chocolate covered anything day and you can certainly have loads of fun by experimenting with strange variations like the chocolate covered sushi dish. However, it is better to refrain from chocolate covered ants on the national chocolate covered anything day as the insects have a day dedicated to themselves.  


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i love chocolate covered ants.
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Oh my gawwd, me too! I thought no one else liked them.
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Its chocolate, chocolate all the way! Enjoy your fill of choco-ants:) Thanks for your comment.
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Thank you for your valuable comment:) Glad you like the choco-ant:)
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i love chocolate covered ants too except my dog eats most of them before i cover them in chocolate (i make homemade ones)
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Well, you need to give your dog a treat too:)Thanks for reading through the blog.
History Of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day