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Wrap Recipes !!!

Wrap Artists

While kudos go to that first chef or caterer who transformed the thousand-year-old tortilla into the sandwich wrap, it took other culinary artists like Tumaro to improved upon the idea. Now, any sandwich filling you can imagine can match to flavored wraps. We’ve grouped them for illustration (not all flavors available in all sizes):

  • Southwestern Flavors: Chipotle Chili & Peppers, Jalapeno & Cilantro, Black Bean, Salsa
  • Classic Flavors: Whole Wheat, Garden Spinach & Vegetables, Green Onion, Honey Wheat, Multigrain, Premium White
  • Italian Flavors: Parmesan, Pesto & Garlic, Rosemary & Olive Oil, Roasted Red Pepper, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil
  • Low Carb Varieties: Garden Vegetable, Green Onion, Multigrain, Salsa

You can also pair them to scrambled eggs, “tortilla nachos” (melt cheese with sausage and/or jalapeño slices), anything you can imagine. In fact, hold weekly contests to see who can come up with the most inventive use of a wrap. In addition to the “experiments,” you’ll come up with some winners you’ll keep for your family, the kids’ friends, and general entertaining. (One of our own personal winners is using Green Onion to make a smoked salmon and salmon caviar burrito with sour cream or crème fraîche. We snip a few chives inside for emphasis. Premium White also works.)

Speaking of entertaining, here’s a factoid to impress your friends: The tortilla category as a whole comprises more than 30% of sales within the multi-billion-dollar U.S. bread industry. It trails white bread sales by only 2%.* Given the number of sandwich shops compared to Mexican restaurants, someone must be eating a lot of wrap sandwiches!

*Study by Aspex Research for the Tortillas Industry Association.

Dessert Wraps

For dessert excitement, take a chocolate, apple-cinnamon, blueberry, or pineapple-banana wrap and fill it with:

  • Thin-sliced bananas, pecan and caramel sauce
  • Strawberries and/or raspberries, slightly sweetened ricotta and chocolate chips or shaved chocolate
  • Ricotta (add a dab of vanilla with the sugar), chocolate chips, and chopped candied fruit for a “cannoli wrap”
  • Chopped mango, papaya, pineapple, dates and coconut with a dab of custard, Coco Lopez, or ricotta for a tropical wrap
  • You can also make sundae bowls out of the tortillas by pressing them into a bowl, microwaving for 30 seconds, tamping down the tortilla and microwaving for another 30 seconds. The shaped tortilla “bowl” will air-dry and harden so you can add ice cream and your favorite toppings.

Tumaro’s serves up three irresistible dessert wrap recipes: Triple Treat Ice Cream Delight, Apple-Cinnamon Pie Wrap, and Chocolate Cheesecake Wrap.  Click here for the recipes. You can make them even with plain tortillas.

Tortilla Care

In general, opened tortillas will keep in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or more, unopened in the refrigerator for 2 months, and in the freezer for 9 months. After the tortilla package is opened, keeping them in an airtight container is essential so they don’t dry out. Here Tumaro also scores by packing their tortillas in zip-lock bags. They have kept our tortillas in perfect shape for a month and counting.



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Wrap Recipes !!!