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An Example Of A Formal Place Setting

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In this video, Betty displays an example of a Formal Place Setting for the dinner table. This is just one of many ways you can correctly configure your dishes, silverware, and glasses. It is meant for your guest to enjoy, while you remove unnecessary items as the meal progresses. For example, you may not need the wine glasses, so you may need to remove them after you have asked everyone whether they will be having wine. Your guests may choose to have iced tea instead of water, so that piece is dual-purpose. Also, the guest may choose to move their soup dish to the side, and if you serve a salad on a salad plate, they may place their salad plate on top of their dinner plate (or to the side). You may prepare each individual dinner plate, or you may offer your guests food from platters and serving bowls. You will be serving the dessert in an individual dessert dish, after you have removed used dishes. At that time, you may serve individual cups of coffee or cappuccino. That is why these dishes do not appear in the main Formal Place Setting. I hope this helps you!

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An Example Of A Formal Place Setting Video