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How To Get The Most Out Of Aluminum Sheet - The Do's & Don’ts

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Aluminum foils have made kitchen life better in many ways. So if you are using this silver colored foil in just a couple of ways, here is how to get the most out of aluminum sheet – the do’s and don’ts.


How to use aluminum foil in an array of ways?


Use aluminum foil for lining baking pans

Line up the base of your baking pan with aluminum foil, spread them on baking pan and spray oil before placing cookies. The cookies baked on aluminum foil will come out browner and crispier than normally baked cookies. Moreover using aluminum foil will prevent the cookies from sticking onto the baking pan which are hard to clean. If you are a regular baker at home you already know the pain of cleaning baking pans. Now with aluminum foils, baking pans can be cleaned in a snap. Bake everything from cakes to cookies and roast vegetables loaded with oil, cook easily and clean easily too.


Use aluminum foil for lining oven

Cleaning spills from oven is as daunting as cleaning baking pans. Use aluminum sheet to lineup the bottom of your oven and forget about the spills. Remove the sheet after using the oven.


Use aluminum foil for covering whole bird for roasting

Cover whole chicken and turkey with heavy duty aluminum foil. It will prevent the poultry from becoming dry and will not burn the skin because roasting a whole bird takes longer.


Aluminum foil is not microwave friendly

Never use an aluminum sheet for cooking in microwave. The waves do not pass through the aluminum foil evenly resulting in uneven cooking. It may even damage your microwave.


Always wrap smelly foods with Aluminum foil
Wrapping smelly foods with aluminum foil will prevent the odor from spreading into the refrigerator. Because aluminum sheets are impermeable, the strong odors are contained within the foil.


Avoid storing acidic foods in aluminum foil

The acid contained in the food reacts with the aluminum foil to erode it. The aluminum thus migrates in the food giving a hint of metallic taste. Although aluminum does not have any harmful effect, it is recommended to avoid storing acidic foods in aluminum sheets because the original taste is lost and the food is no more appetizing.

Foods containing tomatoes, or vinegar like lasagna should therefore be kept in plastic bags instead of aluminum foil sheets or bags.


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How To Get The Most Out Of Aluminum Sheet - The Do's & Don’ts