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6 Ingredients Necessary To Make Gujarati Food

6 Ingredients Necessary To Make Gujarati FoodGujarati cuisine rocks, che; especially if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. In this post, I'm going to tell you about the 6 ingredients necessary to make Gujarati food. But first I'm going to burst your bubble about Indian cuisine. There is no such thing as 'one' Indian cuisine. And Indian food is not always rotis and tandoori chicken. There are nearly 35 different types of cuisines in India. And Gujarati cuisine is one of the popular cuisines from the west of India. Madhur Jaffrey, the Indian British cookbook writer describes Gujarati cuisine as the 'haute cuisine of vegetarianism'. Having said that, I welcome you the land of awesome vegetarian food, che!


I know that you must be some one who is interested in adding new prowess to your already existing kitchen skills or you are probably looking at becoming a vegetarian. Either way, you are at the right place. Here are the 6 necessary ingredients with which you can kick start your Gujarati culinary journey.



You will need finely ground wheat flour to make Chapatis, Puris and Bhakris. Puris are deep fried in oil. Bhakris are the thicker version of Chapatis which are toasted with minimal oil on a flat pan. You will need millet flour to make Bajri no rotlo, a flat bread grilled over hot coals. You will need sorghum flour to make the thick Juvar no rotlo, which is also a flat bread grilled over coals.



You need rice; period! Rice is used in almost all the cuisines in India and you cannot do without it. You will need the plain cooked rice for everyday meals. Plain cooked riced is usually eaten with Dal, a thick lentil soup. You need rice to make pulao, a dish made with rice and vegetables. And rice is needed to make khichdi, a porridge style dish made with rice and lentils.



The Gujarati's depend on Dal for their daily protein intake. Your kitchen needs Dal to kick start your Gujarati cooking. Dal is the common name given to the thick soup style dishes made with either dried lentils, peas or beans whose outer shells have been stripped and split. Dal is eaten along with rotis and rice. It is a staple dish of the Gujaratis.


4.Garam Masala

Garam Masala mean 'hot mixture'. The intensity and the ingredients of the Garam Masala varies from place to place. The Gujarati Garam Masala is distinctive of the the region. You will need it to prepare vegetable Shaak, which are curries made with different vegetable combinations.



Mangoes in the raw, ripe and pickled form are consumed by the Gujaratis. The Gujarati meal will have at least one item that is made with Mangoes. Freshly made mango chutneys accompany rotis.



Gujaratis are notorious for their sweet tooth. Jaggery is the unrefined whole cane sugar which is usually brown in color. Laddus in Gujarat are made with wheat flour and Jaggery. In typical Gujarati betrothal parties jaggery is mixed with coriander seeds and distributed.


There you go, you now know the 6 quintessential ingredients of  Gujarati cuisine.


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6 Ingredients Necessary To Make Gujarati Food