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What 10 Things To Eat In Kuala Lumpur?

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Kuala Lumpur is “the” place for two things – shopping and eating. While shopping is totally an individual taste, but before you go there you need to know what 10 things to eat in Kuala Lumpur, and ensure that you don’t miss on any. So, to make our lives simpler, here’s a list of the 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur.

1.    Marufuku Udon:

Marufuku Udon - a simple humble meal that comes with great taste - is a must-have dish of Kuala Lumpur. This is nothing but a bowl of noodles in soup that comes with great toppings. But the distinct Malaysian flavor that this dish brings along is never to be found anywhere else. Hence, Marufuku Udon is one dish you shouldn’t miss if you are in Kuala Lumpur.

2.    Nasi Lemak:

Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia and as such, must be tried if you are in Malaysia. The term Nasi Lemak literally means “rice in cream”. This dish is made by soaking rice in coconut cream and then steaming this mixture. Lemon grass and gingers are used to flavor the dish. This is a common breakfast item in Malaysia, packed in newspaper or banana leaf and sold in early mornings at roadside stalls.

3.    Breakfast at Yut Kee:

Talking about breakfast items, Yut Kee is a place you must visit if you are in Kuala Lumpur. This oldest and perhaps the most popular Hainanese coffee shop not just offers hearty breakfasts, but the ones that have exclusivity as well as taste. Some of the dishes that you must try here are Roti Babi - a sandwich made of white bread, stuffed with shredded pork, onions, and crabmeat, dipped in egg and deep fried and served with the hot and spicy Belachan sauce; the Hainanese Pork Chops – drizzled with a flavored brown sauce, served with onions and some mixed vegetables; Kaya toasts and half-boiled eggs, and so on.

4.    Comfort Foods:

The best place to have comfort foods like sandwiches, pasta, coffee, desserts, etc in Kuala Lumpur is The Haute Food Co Cafe at Plaza Damas. Be it a heavy breakfast in the morning or a lazy coffee in the afternoon or a spread of delicious desserts like Chocolate hazelnut cake, tiramisu or sticky date pudding with ice cream in the night – this place offers a wide variety of soul-satisfying tastes.

5.    Ramly Burger:

If so long you were under the impression that Kuala Lumpur offers only Malaysian foods, time to shake it off, for the place offers one of the world’s best burgers – the Ramly burgers. So add this to your list of 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur.

6.    Nepalese Food:

Not just foods from the European countries, Kuala Lumpur also offers authentic and tasty Nepalese food. The best place to try this is in the Khukri at Pudu.

7.    Roadside Snacks:

Kuala Lumpur is a place that offers an amazing spread of roadside snacks. Pisang Goreng (fried banana fritters), kuih bakul (fried Nian Gao), curry puff, fried sesame ball are just to name a few. And the best place to have these is Mr. Chiam’s Goreng Pisang Stall at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

8.    Char Siew:

Char Siew is a dish that should never miss a mention when compiling a list of 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur. Soft, meaty and melty, these barbequed strips of seasoned boneless pork is sure to leave you craving for more.  

9.    Cupcakes:

Yes, cupcakes should again be on your 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur. And not just any cupcakes, but the ones from Delectable by Su, the designer cake boutique at The Gardens, Mid Valley. Red Velvet Cupcake, Cherry Cheesecake, Just Heavenly’s Chocolate durian cake, Death by Chocolate – the list is a never-ending one, and each offers such exotic flavors, that it becomes difficult to choose one over the other.

10.    Seafood:

Malaysian cuisine excels in seafood dishes and hence, when you think about what 10 things to eat in Kuala Lumpur, seafood is a must. Prawns with Glass Noodles, Crab Roes on Rice, Eggyolk Encrusted Crabs and many other such delectable seafood dishes at Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant are sure to steal your heart.  

These are 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur and the 10 best places to taste them from. Therefore, if a true feel of being in Kuala Lumpur is what you want to experience, make sure you try all these places out.

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What 10 Things To Eat In Kuala Lumpur?