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What Are The Different Types Of Sweeteners

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What are the different types of sweeteners – this question had also confused me, when I first took interest in cooking. Usually, many of us think of sugar as the only type of sweetener, which we can use in cooking. But, there is a wide variety of sweeteners to choose from; when you are looking for an alternative to sugar. Here, you will find a list of different types of sweeteners, other than the normal sugar.


Different Types of Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners – You will find an array of artificial sweeteners over the counter in any grocery or medical store. These sweeteners are mainly based on chemicals and they can reduce the harmful effect of glucose, which is present in the normal sugar. So, these are normally prescribed as the alternative to sugar for the diabetic patients. Even if you want to control your regular intake of sugar by some means, you can consider any of these brands. However, taste wise these might differ to some extent. So, you should know the right quantity to use for your cooking purpose.


Honey – Honey is a type of natural sweetener and you can use it for cooking also. As you know, honey is rich in various kinds of food values; however it can raise the blood sugar level. However, a recent study reveals that honey helped to reduce the blood sugar level for patients with type II diabetes. Other than this concern, you can safely use honey to sweeten your bowl of cereals or toasted bread. There are several recipes, where you need to use honey to glaze the meat or fish and it definitely makes the food much tastier. Honey gives a great flavor to your dish, particularly when mixed with lemon.


Brown Sugar – This is another version of refined sugar with a mix of molasses. It offers a special flavor of molasses syrup, when used in cooking. You can get brown sugar in two varieties – one is in dark color and the other in light color. The lighter version can be used for glazing or baking, whereas the darker version is normally used for gingerbread, baked beans, mincemeat etc. The dark brown sugar provides a strong flavor to the food.


Stevia – This herb from South America has been much effective as an alternative to sugar. This herb is 400 times sweeter than the normal sugar and still it offers lesser calories in the diet. Even the diabetes patients can also consume this safely, without any harmful effect. You can use this as an alternative to sugar for your baking or cooking purpose.


Fruit Sugar – Fruit sugar is normally derived from the sugar present in various fruits. It is little more refined in size than the regular version of sugar. Normally this is effectively used in dry mixes like powdered soft drinks or dessert mix etc. You can also use the sweetener in the form of the fruit juice. This will give a different fruity aroma and taste to your preparations.


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What Are The Different Types Of Sweeteners