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Learn Everything About Fusion Cuisine

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This is your chance to learn everything about fusion cuisineFusion cuisine is a blend of different culinary traditions with the sole aim  of preparing creative interesting and innovative dishes.


Fusion food or cuisine is more popular in places where there is a wider audience for experimental foods along with a mix of "comopolitan culture"– this is one of the reasons why fusion food is available mostly in the metropolitan areas. If you desire to know about the basics of fusion cuisine, you will learn that a lot lies on the novelty of the chef preparing the food and much less on texture, flavor and presentation of the food.


The roots of such a cuisine can be traced back to 1970’s when some popular chefs, tried to bring an innovation in their foods by combination French traditional food with Asian food. The concept became quite popular and spread to different parts of the world in a short span of time. This is considered to be a great way to combine the best of culinary flavors of different regions to create a dish which is unique by itself. Fusion cuisine is now becoming very popular in different parts of the world. In places like Australia, this food is being reinvented and is being commonly served in various cafes and restaurants of the region.


This type of cuisine is also considered to be a combination of different forms of cookery which are combined together to create a new style of cooking technique as well as food. Fusion cuisine can be in different forms – one such popular form is regional fusion. In this type of cuisine, there is a combination of various cuisines of any region or a sub region. One example for the popularity of such foods is the existence of several Asian fusion restaurants in US which serve fusion foods from different places such as East India, South East Asia and Indian dishes. These dishes are served along with other foods that are inspired by a great combination of various such cuisines.


The second form of fusion cuisine is that which makes use of different varieties of ingredients. Ingredients are used from different regions and all are combined together to prepare one unique dish. Any restaurant which offers such fusion cuisine is inspired by a combination of different regional cuisines with the help of new ideas.            


The third approach of this fusion cuisine is one which is based on one type of cuisine, but is prepared using different ingredients or flavors of different regions.  One very common type of such a cuisine is pizza which is made from pepper and cheddar, salsa, refried beans and other ingredients. The very popular taco pizza is also a good example of American Italian cuisine.


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Learn Everything About Fusion Cuisine