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Foods For Every Mood - Eat These To Stay Happy Always

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When one is feeling down then eating some particular food item such as chocolates or ice cream can make us feel better. Similarly if one is feeling jubilant and happy, there are some foods and drinks that can add extra spark to the celebrations. There are foods for every mood and eating the right food can help you in more ways than you think.


There is a strong correlation between the food we eat and how we feel, and how some foods affect us a particular way and help us fight any low moods. Nutritional deficiency may be  a possible cause for frequent bouts of depression, irritation and inexplicable tiredness.


Foods that cater to your moods


There is a vast range of foods that can cater to your moods. Discussed below are some of the broad categories of different types of moods and tips on how to tackle them with food.


When you are feeling low


If one is feeling vulnerable, weak and tired, then eating regular and healthy meals such as salads, cereals etc can improve the overall feeling of  goodness and drive away feelings of lethargy. Maintaining your blood sugar at an optimum level also helps in developing a feeling of well being. Don’t skip meals and never miss your breakfast. When you are feeling tired, cut down on junk foods as these are high on fat and low on essential minerals and vitamins, which makes one all the more lethargic.


When you lose your appetite


Loss of appetite for more than 2-3 days needs to be consulted with a general physician. Loss of appetite makes a person feel tired and less energetic. At such times when you have not been eating properly for a couple of days, it is better to eat something that you are in the mood for, rather than not eating anything at all. However, if you have been prescribed any drugs or antidepressants, it is advisable to avoid strong cheese varieties such as cheddar, yeast extracts such as marmite, pickled herring and particular wines such as Chianti wine. The reason for avoiding these foods is that, these foods contain a chemical tyramine which tends to react with the prescribed anti depressant drugs.


When you are feeling happy and upbeat


When you are feeling perfectly happy and content, take care to maintain your regular intake of vitamins and minerals. There is a strong connection between deficiency of an essential vitamin or mineral and feeling of sadness, depression or fatigue. To retain this feeling of well being, avoid alcohol and caffeine induced drinks. Try to keep away from junk food that makes the body feel tired and increase your intake of fibre and green vegetables.


There are ways to tackle your different types of moods, but to remain energetic and upbeat, all one needs to do is eat healthy and follow a disciplined lifestyle. 


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Foods For Every Mood - Eat These To Stay Happy Always