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6 Easy Means To Use Bechamel In Daily Cooking

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Béchamel is the mother of all creamy sauces. Learn why is it called so and the 6 easy means to use béchamel in daily cooking.If you love your fondue sauces and the thick and creamy cheese dips and cheese sauces, then you can thank Béchamel, for such delicious condiments. Why? Because Bechamel sauce  is used in the preparation of these cheese delights. 


Béchamel sauce, commonly identified as white sauce, is a European sauce that has been a part of the European cuisine for more than 300 years. This sauce is used as a base for other types of sauces and without this sauce, preparation of some sauces, which form an integral part of any cuisine, such as cheese sauce, fondue, white cream sauce etc, would be tricky.


6 uses of Béchamel sauce


Lasagna: Lasagna is an Italian gourmet delight food and as you know comprises of thin layers of food items such as cheese, spinach bounded together with a thick and creamy sauce. Béchamel sauce acts as a glue and helps in keeping together the different layers of lasagna together so that each bite of the lasagna is a perfect bite.


Cream soups: Soups with a base of cream such as cream of mushroom soup or the cream of onion soup, usually use thinned out Béchamel sauce mixed together with some milk. The béchamel sauce along with milk gives a heavy, smooth and creamy texture to the soups.


Soufflés: Almost all the soufflés prepared commercially, use béchamel sauce for their preparation. A generous amount of cheese melted into the Béchamel sauce gives a thick, creamy concoction that adds weight to the soufflés.


Mac and Cheese: Have some béchamel sauce lying around the house? Why not melt some  cheese in the béchamel sauce and use the silky smooth, rich and creamy sauce for pouring over  macaroni. Your simple meal will turn into a gourmet delight with this creamy concoction.


White Sauce: Use the Béchamel as a base for preparing cream sauces or fondues. The thick Béchamel sauce would give a heavy, silky texture to your sauce that would be thick enough to stay on the food that you dip into it.


Casseroles: If you love your casseroles and love gifting them to your family and friends on little gatherings and house warming parties, use Béchamel sauce for making a thick and silky base. Melt in generous amounts of cheese in the sauce and what you have is a truly rich food casserole


There are many more uses of the sauce, than the 6 uses of Béchamel sauce that have been discussed here. Béchamel, because of its creaminess and heavy texture helps in giving a firm, smooth base for many baked products as well. So try out some and enjoy your thick, creamy food dishes.


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6 Easy Means To Use Bechamel In Daily Cooking