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Can Any iFoodie tell me what these are ?

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hey Steve, I think this is brain... Here is many ways to smile!fOODLOVER veerpradeep
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Could be sweetbreads but I don't see the separations. Could be roe but don't see the little eggs. Thought brains were pinker, but I can't swallow them-texture thing. Tried them once in France when I wa 18. Funny I am adventuresome never have tried them again. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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This is brain (s).
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I think its Foie gras! The fattened liver of duck or goose.
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Nice try to all of you !!!! But they are Rocky Mountain Oysters !!!!! The Tortilla Guy
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LOL that is a good one!!!! I have eaten them in Denver, not bad at all. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Can Any IFoodie Tell Me What These Are ?