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The Best Techniques To Marinate Steak

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Marinated steak is meat lover’s favorite recipe. Follow the best techniques to marinate steaks to get tender, flavored steaks at your home. Marinating steak is very popular because it tenderizes hard chunks of meat making it pleasant to eat and it also imparts flavor to meat which is not achievable through other processes of cooking meat.


While there are innumerous marinades for different kinds of steaks, following the best steak marinating technique is essential in transferring the flavors from the marinade onto the meat and also in tenderizing the meat thoroughly.


Useful Tips for Marinating Steaks

  • Use tough meat cuts for marinating. Marinating tender cuts is not required because the meat is already soft. Marinating hard steaks softens the meat but using the same for tender steaks will actually ruin the texture of the meat, so always go for hard meat steaks.
  • Also use steaks that are thin, marinating on a larger area is essential for making tasty steaks.
  • Use only fresh herbs and spices for marinating, you will get flavorful steaks.
  • Marinating required the marinade to penetrate into the meat, so remove any skin or fat present the surface of the steak; it will block infusion of marinade into the meat.


The Best Steak Marinating Technique involves the following steps -

1. First wash steaks with cool water and pat it with tissue paper to dry them.

2. Apply a mixture of salt and pepper and rub on the steaks.

3. Use a glass container to mix the steaks with the marinades. Using metal containers is not advisable as the marinade’s acid will produce a chemical reaction with the metal and can be harmful for health.

4. Mix the steaks well into the marinade and keep in ceramic, glass or plastic container, cover the container or use a zip lock poly bag. Keeping the marinated steak in closed container is essential to retain the flavor of marinade which will be lost otherwise.

5. Marinated steak should always be kept in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours or preferably overnight. Marinated meat should not be kept in the kitchen.

6. Also it is not recommended to marinate steaks for more than a day because the meat will become mushy.

7. Take out the steaks for grilling and discard away the marinade. For basting steaks prepare a fresh marinade.

8. Grill steaks as you like them and enjoy flavorful tender yummy hot steaks.


This is the best technique to marinade steak, what ever marinade ingredients you use, following the above simple tips is essential for making steaks at home.


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The Best Techniques To Marinate Steak