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How Many Types Of Sandwich Breads Are There

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There was a time in history when human life was easy, cities had just one school, television sets had just one channel, houses had just one home phone, and there was just one type of sandwich bread – a thin slice of soft white bread served fresh or toasted. However, nowadays there are so many choices for everyone in everything that life is no longer simple and today’s sandwich makers are faced with such great varieties of sandwich breads that one can’t help but wonder “how many types of sandwich breads are there after all!” Through this blog post I attempt to explain few of the most commonly used varieties of sandwich breads, so read on and find out more…


  • White Bread: The Classic white bread is probably the most commonly used and ever so popular sandwich bread. In fact even today, several sandwich makers believe the white bread is the true sandwich bread. Made from refined and bleached wheat flour along with other ingredients like salt, water and yeast, this bread usually shaped as a rectangular loaf and available in precut slices. The white bread is characterized by a soft texture and a plain white color with a light brown crust. However, it is the neutral taste of the bread that most believe is responsible for its popularity.




  • Whole Wheat Bread or Brown Bread: The 2nd most popular sandwich bread type, brown bread as the name suggests is made using whole wheat flour instead of the refined wheat flour. The recipe for this bread was probably invented to cater to the increasing population of health conscious people, who saw white bread has a source of unhealthy fiber-less carbohydrates. Brown bread is slightly more compact than white bread and brownish in color. However, one must carefully read the ingredient while buying brown bread, for several times it might just be refined flour bread with color or caramel added.


  • Multigrain Bread: These are quite similar to brown bread in color, texture, appearance, and flavor. However, unlike brown bread, it is made using a mix of 3 or more whole cereal grains. Wheat, barley, and oats are most commonly used to prepare this bread. Depending upon the type and brand of the bread, other grains like rye, lentils, sorghum, etc. may also be added to the base flour. This bread is popularized by several manufacturers as a means to control fat and cholesterol.


  • Rye Bread: Rye, a native to East European food cultures, was introduced to US by the Dutch settlers. Unlike the other sandwich breads discussed so far, rye bread has a deep, hearty flavor and is quite compact and chewy, caused by the low gluten content of rye grains. Several traditional sandwich recipes like Reuben and Patty melt are made using rye bread.


  • Sourdough: This bread is characterized by a rich dense texture and a richer history. The sourdough was probably invented by the Egyptians and was brought into US during California’s gold rush era. Unlike other breads, sourdough is made using a lactobacilli starter (instead of yeast), which gives the bread a dense and chewy texture. It is available as both precut sandwich slices and burger bun.


  • Flat breads: Focaccia is probably the most popular flat sandwich bread. Flat bread, as the name suggests, is a type of bread which has not be leavened. These breads are usually dense and have a strong flavor of their own; in fact, flat breads like Focaccia don’t just form a neutral background, but quite often contribute to the basic taste and flavor of the sandwich.


These are just some of the several varieties of sandwich breads available in the market today. There are many more that you might want to choose from honey oat bread, Italian herbed bread, Hawaiian sweet bread, etc. to name a few. If you have a favorite sandwich bread variety, then do write about it in the comments section. You can browse through some great sandwich recipes at and get inspired.

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How Many Types Of Sandwich Breads Are There