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Antarctic Beer Becomes The World's Costliest Beer

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Antarctic beer becomes the world's costliest beer, auctioned at $800 a bottle. The most expensive beer of the world derives its name from Antarctica ice used for brewing. The Antarctica ice was carried by Sea Shepherd from a trip to the Antarctica sea. Sea shepherd is an anti whaling group that carries out rescue operation for whales and protests against killing whales.


Nail Ale is the Australian brewery that brewed this most expensive beer of the world, said, the beer contains 90 percent water and only 30 bottles of beer is brewed from the available ice. This most expensive beer was brewed in Nail’s headquarters located at Perth. The auction held at Fremantle saw Brad Pettit, Mayor of Fremantle, Rachel Stewart, Senator of Greens and Paul Watson, Captain of Sea Shepherd addressing on the occasion.


John Stallwood, brewer, Nail Ale, said the beer is only slightly alcoholic and bitter in taste. It could also be the oldest beer and the purest in the world because the beer has about 90 percent water.


Antarctic beer became the most expensive beer of the world by beating a Scottish alcoholic beer that was priced at $ 765. It contained 55 percent alcohol and the beer bottle was covered by taxidermy of grey squirrel. Only 12 bottles were available as against Antarctic Nail Ale’s 30 bottles.


Nail Ale is happy to back the title for the most expensive beer in the world and is even happier that the profits are going towards a good cause like saving whales than selling the most expensive beer bottles in animal skin.


Nail Ale has previously won gold awards in 2009 as well as 2010 at Australian International Beer Award. They were however in the category of draught beer category.


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Antarctic Beer Becomes The World's Costliest Beer