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Learn More About National Stuffing Day

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November 21st is celebrated as the National Stuffing day – a day which is completely dedicated in making delicious foods through the process of stuffing. Here is your chance to learn more about National Stuffing Day and why it is celebrated all over the world with so much enthusiasm.


Stuffing is one of the oldest methods of cooking and it is not much known about the exact origin of this style of cooking. The earliest evidence of this type of cooking was found in Roman cookbooks which were known to be full of stuffed dish recipes made from vegetables, herbs, nuts and spices. These delicacies were also prepared using chopped liver, brains and even various organ meat dishes. In the Middle Ages also stuffing was a predominant method of cooking some great delicacies. Ever since then, stuffing is being used in preparation of different kinds of food items and became one of the main ways of preparing Thanksgiving dishes. Can you imagine your Thanksgiving party without a stuffed turkey?


The exact reason behind celebrating the National stuffing day is the love for stuffed goodies. Food lovers who know the taste of stuffed foods, wanted to dedicate a complete day to this method of cooking when they would have stuffed food  for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This would be a reason to enjoy this special way of cooking and also a reason to party with friends and relatives. Women too love to celebrate this day, because it is their way of showing off their culinary skills to others.


With time the way of preparing stuffing also changed and so did the menu. In the Middle Ages stuffing was mainly centered on vegetables which were stuffed with nuts and spices. It was mainly prepared during special occasions and at times when guests arrived at homes. However, things have now changed! Stuffing is now an everyday affair – we prepare stuffed chicken, pork, vegetables and to a certain extent stuffed beef is also popular.


If you are planning to celebrate National Stuffing Day, you can arrange a small party and invite your friends over and share some great stuffed veg and non-veggie stuffs. One of the most common ways of celebrating this day is by arranging potluck parties – this does not create undue pressure on the hosts and also offers a great variety of stuffed foods for everyone.  It is a day which is completely dedicated to prepare stuffed foods and sharing them. In case, you are not much interested in preparing stuffed goodies at home – just check out what the local restaurants are offering! You will love their buffet spread of some of the best stuffed goodies.


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Learn More About National Stuffing Day