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How To Celebrate National Cranberry Day

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Every year, 23rd November, is celebrated as the National Cranberry Day. If you are new to this celebration, then here are some tips on how to celebrate National Cranberry Day. There is a serious reason behind celebrating National Cranberry Day, which is to remind everyone about the positive sides of cranberries. Cranberries have been related to the tradition and culture of the nation, as it is one of the essentials of the Thanksgiving Day. In this National Cranberry Day, we can also pay respect to this fruit by including it into our daily menu.


There are several ways by which you can celebrate the National Cranberry Day. Here I am describing the ones, which I consider to be most important for the day, 23rd November.

  • In the morning, go to your local grocery shop or vegetable market to buy plenty of cranberries. There are several things to do with them, so don’t be a miser at least in this respect.
  • At home, wash the cranberries and de-stem them. You can ask your kids to assist you in this job. They will have lots of fun in playing with the fresh cranberries and water.
  • Keep aside a part of the cranberries and with the rest ones, prepare cranberry sauce. This is very much required for enjoying the Thanksgiving turkey. Making ahead will save time on the big day and you can have much thicker version of cranberry sauce, when you store it into the refrigerator for couple of days. You must have ideas on preparing the cranberry sauce; otherwise you will get hundreds of them over the internet. It is not that difficult task.
  • With the remaining part of the cranberries, you can do anything, whatever you wish. Why don’t you cook some special dish for the day using these berries? This will be the ideal way to celebrate National Cranberry Day. Try any of the easier recipes, for the meal. And don’t use all of the remaining cranberries as still you have other things to do with them.
  • Store the remaining cranberries as frozen inside the freezing zone of the refrigerator. You are not going to get cranberries for long period of time, other than this season. So, if you can store it properly, you can enjoy this delicious fruit for rest of the year. Properly stored cranberries can be used for up to 9 months. Don’t you think that sufficient? For proper storage, you should first dry the washed berries with a paper towel and then put them into small sealable air-tight storage packs. Keep these packets inside the deep freezer and use one at a time without disturbing the others.
  • Other than storing into the refrigerator, you can also dry them in a food dehydrator or just by keeping under direct sunlight for consecutive days. The dried cranberries can be used in later time in baking or stuffing or making puree etc.


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How To Celebrate National Cranberry Day