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What Is The History Of Seafood Paella

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You must have eaten paella at some time or the other – here is some information related to the origin of seafood paella and other facts which you will love to know. Paella is a combination of rice and fish in a variety of flavors. During our research on what is the history of sea food paella we got to know that paella actually dated back to the 15th century when it was quite popular among the Moorish people. The modern form of this seafood got popularized only in the mid 19th century.


Moorish influence – It is known that the Moorish from Spain often prepared casseroles of fishes, rice and different spices at family gatherings and other feasts. This established the custom of rice eating during many occasions. In the later years after some political turmoil cooks were forced to cook vegetables along with rice and dry cod. This became a very acceptable meal during those days.


Valencian paella – This became popular in 18th century when rice was cooked in the open air in special occasion. One of the prime ingredients of early Valencian paella was a marsh rat which was served along with butter beans and eels.


In the later years as the living standards of the people changed, the ingredients used in making paella also changed. Now chicken, duck, rabbit and seafood which included snails were used in the making of this dish.


Seafood became the prime ingredient of Paella in the Mediterranean coast. More and more varieties of seafood like snails started be using in this rice dish. Fish based special seasonings were also added to enhanced the tastes and flavors of this rice dish, which made it quite different from other available dishes.  Here meat and beans were not used to make this rice dish. Mixed seafood was added to enhance the taste of this paella which was used with other seasonings to enhance the taste of this dish. Seafood paella is one of the most popular recipes of Paella which is now popular far and wide.


Basic seafood paella – This is prepared with shrimp heads, onions, seafood broth and broth. Mussels are also added to enhance the taste of this dish which are then removed. Chopped cuttlefish, shrimp tails, lobsters, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste along with rice are all cooked together with seasonings and served hot.


Mixed paella – This is also a very popular seafood which has an additional ingredient in the form of chicken in the dish. Red belle pepper strips, grated tomatoes, onions, sofrito, seafood broth and other ingredients are added to enhance the taste of this dish. It is served hot and normally served with chilled wine to enhance its taste. 


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What Is The History Of Seafood Paella