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Chef Francois Dionut Explains the Bitter Taste of Food

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Chef and founder of L'Academie de Cuisine, Francois Dionot talks to chef attendees about "bitter" one of the 4 taste we receive on our tongue. This was part of PlateCooks tour.

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Chef Francois Dionut`s briefly explains the significance of Bitter taste in diet
this is an educational video by Chef Francois Dionut which enlightens the attendees about the prominence of one of the four major taste, ' Bitter'. Chef is very clear in explaining how the other three taste, sweet, salty, and sour are used to neutralize the bitter effect in food.

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and what about the 5th taste of unami? Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Dining Dish Chef Dionot does not believe in umami or the chili pepper theory of taste. Umami is the earthiness of dried mushrooms, aged cheese or is hard to pin point that. Taste are the 4: bitter, salt, sweet, sour --everything else is flavor which comes through your sense of smell not taste buds.
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I think the most I ever got out of education in general was at L'Academie, I remember Francois and Pascal fondly. I remember one lecture we had, it was the chef/owner of Red Sage. He spoke of and additional taste....metallic. Not sure what the verdict on that was. Online Cooking
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Dining Dish Thank you for responding. I have been lucky enough to participate in a couple seminars from L'Academie and they have always been insightful. I have had 4 years experience as marketing, pr and sales at Vanns Spices in Baltimore and understand sense of smell vs what we taste. Again, thank you for responding.
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Did you see Francois on Recipe for Success? I was just watching the Food Network and wow...there he was! The episode is "Healthy Satart, Sweet Finish" The pastry chef was Lydia Schlosser Online Cooking
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Dining Dish I wish I can say I did but I didn't. Been glued to the computer and doing taxes. Thanks for keeping me informed. Francois is a great teacher
Chef Francois Dionut Explains The Bitter Taste Of Food Video, Chef Francois Dionut`s Briefly Explains The Significance Of Bitter Taste In Diet