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How To Use Paraffin Bar

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Paraffin bar is actually a wax bar which has a number of uses in the kitchen. How to use paraffin bar to make your work easy? Using paraffin bar in kitchen can be your solution to several problems. Here are some very interesting uses of this wax.


To use paraffin bar you will have to first melt it properly – to do it this, you can put it on top of any double boiler, which should be placed just on top of simmering water. You need to take care that the moisture droplets do not enter the wax which is melting. Paraffin needs high temperature to melt which can cause burns in your skin, if you are not careful. Hence, you need to wear protective gloves and heavy apron so to prevent accidents.


You must be using candles in your kitchen – why not use paraffin bars for making candles? You just need to add small wax coloring crayons in the melted wax, just before you start pouring it into candle molds. Do not forget to add a wick for burning and let the newly made candle cool before you can remove it from its mold.                       


You can also use it as a stand for keeping your kitchen knives and tools. To make the stand, just like the way u prepared the candle, you need to shape it, so that it will help you to keep tools. When the wax has melted, you can pour it inside an appropriate mold and make impressions with the help of spoons and forks, so that the wax takes the shape of the spoon, fork or even the knife. This can also be a great decorative material in your kitchen and you will love the use of this bar.


Paraffin bars when melted can provide you a smooth coating for different surfaces. You just need to melt the wax and pour it over surfaces. This is considered to be ideal for places where you are storing grains or similar commodities which have a tendency to spill over small holes or breaks. Thus, melted wax can add as a sealant in your kitchen. However, you have to be careful that you do not seal any place which gets heated quickly as it shall melt the wax.


Add a big spoon of melted paraffin in 1 cup of chocolate when you are dipping candy centers. As the candy hardens, you will find that the chocolate is bitable and you won’t have a tough time to bite the chocolate. It shall be another bonus to you when you will find that the paraffin is adding a special sheen to the surface of this candy.


If you sense a pain in your finger while cooking – some kind of arthritic pain, you can dip your fingers in melted paraffin wax for sometime and remove it when you no longer can take the warm wax. Doing this 2-3 times shall relieve you from pain. 


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How To Use Paraffin Bar