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How To Use Leftover Meat

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It is time to make savings on your food budget – start by using leftover foods in as many ways as you can. "How to use leftover meat?" you may ask. Well, simple, we all will agree that meat tastes even better the following day – so why not use leftover meat in an innovative way and expand the scope of the daily menu, while keeping a control over your budget. Here are some easy tips of using leftover meat without having to sacrifice the taste of the dish.


Once you realize that you have leftover meat and you wish to use it the next day, you should freeze all the leftover sections of the meat. This includes chicken breasts and fries which can be used in several ways. Remember that you can use both the cooked and uncooked variety of meat.


Before using leftover meat, you just need to slice the meat to 1/3 inch and season it well. If you have time to sauté it or stir fry it, it shall be even better. If you are using precooked meat the next day, you can add a taco style sauce or an oriental sauce – once you add the sauce, let the meat simmer for sometime.


If you have leftover ham, you can use it for making ham soup. You just need to cook beans and ham stock with the ham bone, or bacon or hocks. Once the mixture is well cooked, you can slowly add the leftover ham in the last 30 minutes of the cooking process. This is recommended so that there is no overcooking of the ham. Ham normally freezes well, so you can use frozen ham also for the purpose.


In case, you have leftover turkey meat, you can use it in a chefs salad or simply as pinwheels. You will have to just roll up the slices and make cuts of 1 inches in the meat. Once you have cut, place these rolls in the desired way. Add any hard boiled egg or other types of toppings if you wish. You can serve with ranch or any dressing. If you wish to prepare pinwheels you will just have to add chives and cheese just before rolling.


Leftover pork and beef can be used for easy barbecue. You just need to prepare an interesting sauce. Ensure that the meat is not over dried and add some special spices and seasonings before you serve it. You can also shred pork roast and beef and include them in sandwiches or as pizza toppings. You can also use the precooked variety of meat after simmering it for a few minutes with sauces and some great seasonings. Some great cheese seasonings and roasted vegetables can also be served with pork and beef.


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How To Use Leftover Meat