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How To Use Soup Bones

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Using soup bones can enhance the taste of your soups and stews by manifolds. Learn some useful tips on how to use soup bones and boost the nutritional content of stews and soups, as bones are rich in calcium and minerals. Soup bones contain small chunks of meat that can be used in other foods. 


So how to use Soup bones?

  1. Buy soup bones from a super market or from local butchers. If you don’t find them at supermarkets, local butchers can supply you the same. They stock soup bones in plenty. 
  2. Soup bones should be cooked in water before it is used as stock for soups and stews. Boil the soup bone in water and add about half cup of vinegar. Vinegar extracts calcium form soup bone and this is how your soup is enriched with calcium and minerals.
  3. Using soup bones for stews requires about a couple of cooking hours. Water should be sufficiently added to allow the soup bone to simmer completely. One may need to add water frequently to cover the bones as water gets evaporated easily.
  4. Take out the soup bones from boiling water and strain broth into a separate bowl. The pot in which the soup bone was boiled will form a layer of scum on the inner side which needs to be wiped out.
  5. Put the broth back into the original pot.
  6. Soup bone broth is ready to be used for your soup. It can be used as a base for all kinds of soup recipes.


Using bone soup is very easy, tasty and nutritious. All you need is some extra time for boiling them. Learn how to use soup bones and drink healthy soups everyday.


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How To Use Soup Bones