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Get Blue With Blue Cheese

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Do you love to get blue with blue cheese? Here are some interesting ways to use blue cheese in foods other than just salads and sandwiches. Today use of blue cheese is not limited to only one recipe, blue cheese gourmets have innovated ways to use blue cheese in an array of dishes to satiate their taste buds. A few ideas mentioned below would tease your brains to discover more recipes using blue cheese.


Cheese Pizza with blue cheese

One of the most popular ways to use blue cheese is to use it as a topping in four cheese pizza. Four types of cheeses are used in this particular pizza and one of them can be replaced with blue cheese. Blue cheese is strong in its flavors, so a small quantity would suffice.


Blue cheese Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce can be made with small quantities of blue cheese. When using blue cheese pizza sauce, topping needs to be selected carefully. Chicken, garlic, mushroom, beef, bell pepper, onion and similar kind of toppings taste good with this combination. Salty toppings like pepperoni and anchovies should be avoided as the blue cheese sauce has enough salt in it.


Blue cheese Sandwich bread
Mix some crumbled blue cheese with bread dough while you are adding fruits or simply knead a handful of this cheese to readymade bread dough, knead to spread cheese evenly and bake it as usual. Sandwich bread with blue cheese taste great with roasted beef. According to me, this is the most innovative way of using blue cheese.


Desserts with Blue cheese bread
Serve this blue cheese bread with additional blue cheese sprinkled over baked pears for a delicious dessert.


Blue Cheese Burger

When there is left over blue cheese salad dressing, it can be one of the best way of using blue cheese. Simply use this readymade blue cheese dressing for a non conventional burger. Spread it over toasted buns and top it with tomato and mesclun.


Blue cheese chicken breast

Stuff chicken breast with leftover blue cheese salad dressing. Add some finely minced parsley to the dressing for an additional flavor.


Blue Cheese dips
Blue cheese salad dressing can also be eaten as dip with veggies.  Serve it in the middle of the veggie plate for an attractive and healthy starter.


Blue cheese mushroom appetizer

Make tasty appetizer with mushroom and blue cheese. Take some large sized mushrooms, remove their stem. Dab the inner side of mushroom with blue cheese mixture and apply bread crumbs over the cheese. Cook them in microwave until the crumbs turn brown. 


Above ideas are just few of the many ways of using blue cheese. As you start using blue cheese, new ideas will flow into your brain and you would be amazed to discover your own ways of using blue cheese than following recipes discovered by others.



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Get Blue With Blue Cheese